The folk you would say hello to.

We are the bunch who run Nicheminds. We do it every day. With the same love and passion. We are a team that strives to create maximum impact for every brand that we set our eyes on. And our skillsets range from design, content, tech and business strategy to softer ones that we’ve embraced as a group - travel, music and sport.


Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast, Crypto Enthusiast, Travel Junkie, Numismatist, Phillumenist, an eternal optimist with insatiable desire for experiencing life

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Chief Creative Officer, Copywriter, Rock & Metalhead, Travel Junkie, Film Buff, Fiction Fan, Foodie, Beer Lover, who believes words have the power to make the world a better place.

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Art Director, T-Shirt Designer, Graphic Art Addict, Big Beard Man, Travel Expert, who believes that good design should not be just an aspiration but a necessity.

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Executive Creative Director - Art, Travel Buff, Movie Maniac, Typography Lover, Beer Glugger, who believes in the value of good aesthetics and art.

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Chief Financial Office, Money Man, Budget Advocate, Japanese Devotee, who believes finance guys are the real dons in suits.

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Growth Hacker, Quizzer, Music Aficionado, Spurs Fan, Travel Freak, Crypto Evangelist, New Media Champ, who believes curiosity is the mother of invention (and troubles).

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Admin Head, Fast Biker, In-house Chef, Travel Lover, Chief Events Organiser, who believes in being in 3 places at once, and make his presence felt
in all 3.